Inspiring Adventurer provides daily motivating one-to-one interviews and captivating personal stories following a consistent format. Guests are inspiring adventurers, top travel experts and exceptional outdoor sports personalities who all share our passion for adventure and love for the outdoors.

By interviewing people who have lived under extreme conditions, overcome extraordinary challenges and looked risk and fear straight in the eye, this podcast intends to distill the very essence of adventure, excitement and risk taking to provide clear steps for having a more exciting and inspiring daily routine and life.


042 Surfing Monday · Brian Bielmann · Worldwide Top Surfing Photographer

As an internationally renowned photographer, Brian Bielmann has traveled extensively with many of the world’s best surfers like Andy Irons, Bruce Irons and Kelly Slater. With his images gracing more than 150 magazine covers, the pages of 30 books Read More

041 SurpriseSunday · Tim Jarvis · Visionary Environmental Scientist And Polar Explorer

Tim Jarvis combines a love of adventure with a passion for environmental issues – a passion demonstrated through his work as an environmental scientist, public speaker and explorer of many of the planet’s remotest places. Tim was voted Classic Read More

040 EnduranceThursday · Debra Searle · Rowing Solo Across the Atlantic

Debra Searle has achieved more by her mid 30’s than most people would dream of achieving in a lifetime: she has been awarded a first class honors degree, launched two companies, won World Championship medals for GB, presented over Read More

039 Snow Saturday · Mike Douglas · Godfather of Freeskiing & Pro Skier

In his 23 year ski career, Mike Douglas has done it all – World Cup competitor, coach, film star, TV commentator, innovator, adventurer, event director, writer, film producer and more. Most notably, he is credited with the design of Read More

038 Climbing Tuesday · Tim Emmett · Climber & Extreme Sports Inventor

Tim Emmett is a professional extreme sports athlete, well known for his charismatic, enthusiastic and energy charged motivational lectures. He is a rock and ice climber, B.A.S.E jumper, wingsuit Flyer, surfer, skier, snowboarder, inspirational speaker, and stuntman. His passion Read More

037 Climbing Tuesday · Jes Zaneis · Pushing Limits & Curing Summit Fever

Jes Zaneis is an inspiring adventurer, mountaineer and climber. With her website ‘Curing summit fever one mountain at a time’, she’s giving hope to people around the world. In 2013 and just recently in 2014 she conquered the Read More

036 Surprise Sunday · Brian Keating · Going Wild With Passion And Love For Animals

Brian Keating is one of today’s most captivating adventurers and animal filmers. His deep passion for travel, adventure and exotic animals is contagious. With his website, his own TV show with the same name and till today five Read More

035 Climbing Tuesday · Roberta Mancino · BASE Jumper, Wingsuit Flyer & Shark Diver

Roberta Mancino is a worldwide renown skydiver, BASE jumper, wingsuit flyer, shark diver and international requested model. She has participated in more than 8.500 skydives, won several awards and set multiple world records. In 2010, Mancino was named the Read More

034 Biking Wednesday · Hans Rey · Extreme Mountain Biking & Trials Pioneer With Purpose

Hans Rey is a multiple Trials National and World Champion, is one of the pioneers of Trials and a living Legend in Extreme Mountain Biking. Through his spectacular mountain bike trials shows and adventures, Hans has made himself a Read More

033 Climbing Tuesday · Matt Mills · Top-Notch Mountaineer & Great Storyteller

Matt Mills also know as ‘The Peak Seeker’ is a top-notch mountaineer, climber and outdoor adventure specialist. With his website ‘In Ice Ax We Trust’ it a team he’s covering his ascents of the highest peaks in North America, Read More

032 EnduranceThursday · Dave Chamberlain · Running 997 Marathons in 997 Days

Dave Chamberlain is an impressive and with his stories very captivating endurance runner and scuba diver. Not only is he exceptional at what he does, but he uses his running for good causes. In 2012 he ran incredible 2.700km Read More

031 Kayaking Friday · David Arnaud · Whitewater Kayaking Professional & Filmmaker

David is an outdoor adventure and professional athlete with all his heart. Having more than 20 years experience in whitewater kayaking, he is part of the Adidas Outdoor Sports Team . A pioneer in the sport, he ranked 5th Read More

030 Surprise Sunday · Tarquin Cooper · Multitalent Adventurer & Captivating Journalist

Tarquin Cooper is an excellent runner, mountain bike rider, climber, avid skier and outdoor adventurer. Not only is he great at what he does outdoors but much more he has the talent to write very captivating and breathtaking stories Read More

029 Biking Wednesday · Kenny Belaey · World Champion Trials Rider & World Cup Organiser

Kenny Belaey is one of the most successful mountain bike trails riders in history. A 9-times world champion, Kenny is a superstar and already a legend in the sport. Not only is he very successful in the sport itself, Read More

028 Climbing Tuesday · Ian Spare · Int. Mountain Leader & Snowshoeing Expert

Ian Spare is a true mountain expert. As a renown international mountain leader (IML) he guides anyone interested to some of the most beautiful parts of the Swiss Alps. With his website and company he is the place Read More

027 Kayaking Friday · Jenny Right-Side · Passionate Whitewater Kayaker & Adventurer

Jenny Right-Side is an incredible whitewater kayaker, endurance cyclist, passionate adventurer and explorer. Stumbling into new adventures continuously, she shares her great stories with the world at Jenny is helping a lot by being the PR coordinator for Read More

026 Climbing Tuesday · Sibusiso Vilane · Athlete & First Black African To Summit Mt. Everest

Sibusiso Vilane is a top-notch adventurer, successful mountaineer and motivational speaker. He’s the first black African to summit earth’s highest mountain, Mount Everest and he even climbed it twice by two different routes. Sibusiso is also an incredible person Read More

025 EnduranceThursday · Simon Grimstrup · Ultrarunning Professional & Adventure Racer

Simon Grimstrup is an excellent mountain ultrarunner, superior adventure racer, mountain biker, trailrunner and the organizer of the first national championship in adventure racing in Denmark. Simon won the Mountain Ultra with over 38.000 feet in incline as well Read More

024 Climbing Tuesday · Hazel Findlay · World-Class Climbing Athlete & Avid Traveler

Hazel Findlay is one of the finest rock climbers in the world. Starting to climb at a very young age, she won the title of British junior champion six times. She’s been traveling across the globe in search of Read More

023 EnduranceThursday · Henry Worsley · Exceptional Explorer In Shackleton’s Footsteps

Henry Worsley was a superior adventurer, a Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army, with his book In Shackleton’s Footsteps: A Return to the Heart of the Antarctic a captivating author and change maker. Being a descendant of Frank Worsley, Read More

022 Climbing Tuesday · JJ Yosh · Superior Filmmaker, Passionate Mountaineer & Visionary

JJ Yosh is a leading adventurer, filmmaker and visionary of our age. Connecting his passion for mountaineering with his skills in chemical engineering and his passion for adventure makes him a unique combination to tell stories never told before Read More

021 Kayaking Friday · Franz Fuls · Passionate Kayaking Advocate & Captivating Journalist

Franz Fuls is a passionate rock climber and white water kayaking expert. As a freelance journalist, he’s specializing in environmental work and by this creates a unique connection between outdoor adventures and for nature and river conservation. With his Read More

020 Endurance Thursday · Ian Adamson · World-Champion Adventure Racer & Superior Kayaker

Ian Adamson is the most successful adventure racer of all time, event director, motivational speaker, bestselling author and director of Research & Education at Newton Running. Ian was co-founder of Team Nike, the world’s most successful adventure racing squad, Read More

019 EnduranceThursday · Stephanie Case · Ultra Runner Girl Bringing Hope And Help To The World

Stephanie Case is an inspiring ultrarunner or as her website says She’s not only excellent at the sport itself but uses the running for the purpose of fundraising. Stephanie uses a lot of her time to do legal Read More

018 SurpriseSunday · Ori Bengal · Dedicated Artist, Couchsurfer And Backpacker

Ori is an award winning photographer, backpacker, excellent storyteller and inspiring adventurer. A decided Couchsurfer, Ori came to experience the world with different eyes, took risks where necessary and was rewarded constantly with meeting incredible people and amazing adventures. Read More

017 EnduranceThursday · James Ketchell · Pushing Limits With The Ultimate Triathlon

James Ketchell is a serial adventurer, motivational speaker and Scouting ambassador. He is the first person in history to complete the ultimate triathlon. That means that James has rowed across the atlantic ocean 3.000 miles from La Gomera to Read More

016 SurpriseSunday · Don Shipley · Inspiring Navy SEAL With Purpose To Help Others

Don Shipley is the an inspiring and motivating retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief. Don is the go-to-man when talking about endurance and survival in adventures, not losing faith in yourself especially in rough times, pushing through resistance and never Read More

015 Endurance Thursday · Anna McCormack · Adventure Racer & Dog Sledding Expert

Anna is a truly inspiring explorer, professional adventure racing athlete and gear expert. As well as having many first ascents in the greater ranges to her name and having taken part in many expeditions, she has still managed to Read More

014 Climbing Tuesday · Stuart Macdonald · Exceptional Mountain Guide & Avalanche Expert

Stuart Macdonald is an widely renown mountain guide with extensive experience in mountaineering, off piste skiing and icefall climbing. He is an Mt. Everest summiteer, ascended the Eiger North Face and made first ascents on South Georgia to name Read More

013 SurpriseSunday · Morgan Cardiff · Documentary Maker & Environmental Scientist

Morgan Cardiff is an inspiring environmental scientist, a self taught photographer and video maker with a passion for conservation, adventure, documentary production and environmental journalism. Morgan has been traveling to 32 countries in the past ten years, saying “yes” Read More

012 EnduranceThursday · Jerry Armstrong · Mountain Ultrarunner & Photographer

Jerry Armstrong has an impressive endurance track record. As a mountain ultrarunner he ran the Grand Canyon “rim-to-rim-to-rim” ultrarun with a length of 55miles or 88km with a vertical track of 23.000 ft or almost 7.000 meters. He ran Read More

011 EnduranceThursday · Adrian Hayes · Record-Breaking Polar Explorer And Campaigner

Adrian Hayes is a record-breaking polar explorer & adventurer, keynote speaker, business coach, author and campaigner. Having set two Guinness World Records by reaching the Northpole, the Southpole and summiting the Mount Everest in the shortest period of time Read More

010 SurpriseSunday · Peter Kummerfeldt · Survival Specialist For Wilderness Emergencies

Peter Kummerfeldt is a wilderness and outdoor survival specialist and author. His safety courses and book surviving a wilderness emergency teach both the psychological and the physiological aspects of surviving. The seminars given by Peter also prepare people to Read More

009 EnduranceThursday · Cecilie Skog · First Woman To Conquer The Explorer Grand Slam

Cecilie Skog is an inspiring climber and polar explorer, the first woman in history worldwide to conquer the ‘Explorer Grand Slam’, meaning the highest mountains of all continents – seven summits and both poles. She’s a professional adventurer, guide Read More

008 EnduranceThursday · Dave Cornthwaite · SayYesMore-Founder and Endurance Adventurer

Dave Cornthwaite is an endurance adventurer, motivational speaker, author and world-record breaker. Dave has traveled the world completing 9 motorized journeys over 1.000 miles including skateboarding across Australia and paddle boarding the Mississippi river. Dave has written three books, Read More

007 SNOWSATURDAY · Dan Egan · Worldwide Renown Powder Skier and Emmy Nominee

Dan Egan is a worldwide renown powder and big-mountain skier. He established his reputation as one of the premier adventure skiers in the world, one of the pioneers of the term extreme-skiing. Apart from that he is not only Read More

006 SurpriseSunday · Murray Pura · Inspiring Author and Excellent Outdoor Adventurer

Murray Pura is an inspiring pastor, superior author and excellent outdoor adventurer. One of his latest books is called ‘Majestic and Wild: True Stories of Faith and Adventure in the Great Outdoors.’ A book captivating from the first to Read More

005 SurpriseSunday · George Kourounis · Storm Chaser, Explorer And Television Presenter

George Kourounis is a worldwide renown storm chaser, explorer and television presenter. He is documenting extrem weather and natural disasters globally. With his television series angry planet and his superior rhetoric skills he will grab your attention and make Read More

004 Climbing Tuesday · Alan Arnette · Exceptional Mountaineer with True Purpose

Alan Arnette is a very inspiring speaker and mountaineer who brings a message of hope, need, and urgency to audiences around the globe. Having found his purpose in life, Alan has become a well-known and highly respected spokesperson for Read More

003 EnduranceThursday · Sean Conway · Swimming the Length of Great Britain

Sean Conway is pushing the limits in many ways. A superior endurance swimmer, author and professional photographer, Sean became the first person in the world to swim the length of Great Britain, from Land’s End to John o’Groats and Read More

002 Kayaking Friday · Pete Bray · First Person To Paddle A Kayak Across The Atlantic

Pete Bray is a truly inspiring adventurer who among other things is the first person in history to have paddled a kayak across the atlantic ocean, west to east in 76 days – alone, unsupported and without the aid Read More