004 Climbing Tuesday · Alan Arnette · Exceptional Mountaineer with True Purpose

Alan Arnette is a very inspiring speaker and mountaineer who brings a message of hope, need, and urgency to audiences around the globe. Having found his purpose in life, Alan has become a well-known and highly respected spokesperson for Alzheimer’s research, caregiver support, education and awareness.

Alan’s Spirit of Adventure
‘Adventure is when you’re in the middle of it and you want to go home or you pray to god that he sends you home alive. And when you get home you pray to god to send you back.’

Alan’s Daily Habits
· Thinks daily of how to make a difference in helping people affected by Alzheimer’s
· Turns of electronic devices once per day to just look out of the window at the mountains to:
– be grateful
– take a deep breath
– let the world sink in for a moment
– recharge for 30 seconds
– appreciate the good things in the world from from friends to family

Connect with Alan
· www.AlanArnette.com
· Twitter.com/Alan_Arnette
· Facebook.com/Alan.Arnette