005 SurpriseSunday · George Kourounis · Storm Chaser, Explorer And Television Presenter

George Kourounis is a worldwide renown storm chaser, explorer and television presenter. He is documenting extrem weather and natural disasters globally. With his television series angry planet and his superior rhetoric skills he will grab your attention and make you feel as if you were right next to him in some of the most dangerous situations you could imagine.

George’s Daily Habits
· Takes many small steps every single day to make progress towards achieving his big aims
· Does research every single morning on the latest and upcoming natural disasters
· Thinks about his mission statement before every action he takes
· Makes himself consciously uncomfortable to get out of his comfort zone

George’s Mission Statement
‘Traveling the earth, documenting the most extreme places on our planet and then share what I have found with as many people as possible.’

TED presentation of George
I’m a Nature Junky – at TEDxMilton by George Kourounis

George’s DVD
Nature’s Wrath by George Kourounis

George’s Book Recommendations
· The Dolphin’s Tooth: A Decade in Search of Adventure by Bruce Kirkby
· Sand Dance: By Camel Across Arabia’s Great Southern Desert by Bruce Kirkby

Connect with George
· www.StormChaser.ca
· Twitter.com/GeorgeKourounis
· Facebook.com/George.Kourounis.7