007 SNOWSATURDAY · Dan Egan · Worldwide Renown Powder Skier and Emmy Nominee

Dan Egan is a worldwide renown powder and big-mountain skier. He established his reputation as one of the premier adventure skiers in the world, one of the pioneers of the term extreme-skiing. Apart from that he is not only a superior instructor but also an award winning film producer who has been nominated for three Emmy-Awards, with Wild World of Winter even had his own television series.

Dan’s Daily Habits
· Prays a lot to God and reads the bible
· Tries to stay positive in that he believes the worlds timing to be perfect, no matter if something good or bad happens
· Is grateful for small things every single day

Dan’s Guiding Principle
‘We are here to help each other.’

Connect with Dan
· www.SkiClinics.com
· www.DeganMedia.com
· Twitter.com/SkiClinics
· Facebook.com/SkiClinics