008 EnduranceThursday · Dave Cornthwaite · SayYesMore-Founder and Endurance Adventurer

Dave Cornthwaite is an endurance adventurer, motivational speaker, author and world-record breaker. Dave has traveled the world completing 9 motorized journeys over 1.000 miles including skateboarding across Australia and paddle boarding the Mississippi river. Dave has written three books, entertained audiences on six continents, broken eight world records on his journey and is the founder of www.SayYesMore.com.

Dave’s Daily Habits
· Takes a small important step towards achieving his daily goals before having his coffee in the morning

Dave’s Books
· BoardFree: The Story of an Incredible Skateboard Journey across Australia by Dave Cornthwaite
· Life in the Slow Lane: A patient quest for adventure by Dave Cornthwaite

Dave’s Guiding Principle
‘I’m an entrepreneur at heart without the motivation being money.’

Connect with Dave
· www.DaveCornthwaite.com
· www.SayYesMore.com
· Twitter.com/DaveCorn
· Facebook.com/Expedition1000