012 EnduranceThursday · Jerry Armstrong · Mountain Ultrarunner & Photographer

Jerry Armstrong has an impressive endurance track record. As a mountain ultrarunner he ran the Grand Canyon “rim-to-rim-to-rim” ultrarun with a length of 55miles or 88km with a vertical track of 23.000 ft or almost 7.000 meters. He ran two Ironman, is an adventure photographer, coach and writer. With his website EnduranceImage.com he captures and sells some of you most Stunning Landscape Images you have ever seen.

Jerry’s Recommended Book
The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei by John Stevens

Jerry’s Daily Habits
· Plant-based vegan diet
· Makes Training a priority
· Makes Experiences a priority

Jerry’s Powerful Sentence
‘My number one thing when waking up is not making money, is not cleaning my house, my number one thing is training my body and mind and finding my happy place.’

Jerry’s Quote
‘Though endurance you gain the virtue to conquer the impossibility, run without effort and see places on the earth seldom seen by the human eye. Your mind runs silent and you finally hear God with open ears. Run for enlightenment to envelop your soul and enriches earths energy. It is the practice of moving, meditation, the pursuit of limitless energy, efficiency and strength. In that timeless moment a calm mind channels messages truth because real freedom is the result of an open mind, fit body and selfless heart.’

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