025 EnduranceThursday · Simon Grimstrup · Ultrarunning Professional & Adventure Racer

Simon Grimstrup is an excellent mountain ultrarunner, superior adventure racer, mountain biker, trailrunner and the organizer of the first national championship in adventure racing in Denmark. Simon won the Mountain Ultra with over 38.000 feet in incline as well as the the 230km Junge Ultra through the Amazon in 2013.

Simon’s Book Recommendations
· Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing

Simon’s Daily Habits
· Lives in the nature and goes out on a daily basis

Simon’s Quote
· ‘You need to love what you do to learn about it. You can not learn something that you are not really motivated and inspired about.’

Connect with Simon

Ultra-Trail Du Mont-Blanc

The School Simon is teaching at

The Marathon and Ultramarathon Simon helped to organise
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Video of the Jungle Ultra that Simon won in 2013