029 Biking Wednesday · Kenny Belaey · World Champion Trials Rider & World Cup Organiser

Kenny Belaey is one of the most successful mountain bike trails riders in history. A 9-times world champion, Kenny is a superstar and already a legend in the sport. Not only is he very successful in the sport itself, but worldwide renown and respected for his great personality and commitment to the sport and community. He has performed shows in over 20 countries all over the world; had his own TV show with Kenny Belaey’s Bigtime Trial Adventure on the Extreme channel and in 2012 organised two rounds of the UCI World Cup in Belgium, bringing unprecedented media coverage to the sport.

Kenny’s Daily Habits
· Has a very healthy nutrition – No conservatives and no gluten
· Trains at least once or twice per day, even if just light cardio

Kenny’s Quote
· ‘Winners never quit and quitters never win.’

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