042 Surfing Monday · Brian Bielmann · Worldwide Top Surfing Photographer

As an internationally renowned photographer, Brian Bielmann has traveled extensively with many of the world’s best surfers like Andy Irons, Bruce Irons and Kelly Slater. With his images gracing more than 150 magazine covers, the pages of 30 books and appearing in iconic magazines like Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, National Geographic and SportsIllustrated, he is recognized worldwide to be a photographer at the very top of his field. He captures the entire surf lifestyle and continues to push the boundaries of photography both above and below the water. Brian’s passion for surfing and his love of photography have kept him on the cutting edge for over 35 years. In 2008 was was named TransWorld Business Most Published Photographer.


Brian’s Inspiring Personality

Brian’s Daily Habit
· Listening to music
· Staying in Shape
· Stays inspired by things around him

Brian’s Incredible Shot Of Teahupoo
Brian Bielmann

Brian’s Quote
‘The best photos happen inbetween the once you are anticipating.’

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